Website Developers Guide – 3 SEO Tips For Web Design

What is the central driving force behind a successful e-commerce website? While every detail about your business website counts, proper search engine optimization is a critical driving force toward business website success. Successful online businesses use SEO to drive targeted traffic to their website. When it comes to e-commerce websites, there are two types of SEO: on-page optimization and off-page optimization. I’m going to take you through on-page optimization. Also known as SEO for website development. More

Email Based Marketing – The Powerhouse of Hidden Profits

Email based marketing is one of the most underestimated tools of novice marketers. However it’s one of the most powerful weapons of the pros. Seasoned marketers know that most of their website visitors will not buy a product the first time they visit their sales page. If you’re not collecting your visitor’s emails and building a targeted email list – you’re donating thousands of dollars to other marketers who are. More

Ecommerce How-To – What You Need to Know to Get Started

I don’t have to tell you that majority of companies have been taking most of their business online. Companies that haven’t will eventually – otherwise they won’t be able to survive the competition. The reasons are too obvious to ignore. The cost of doing business online is much cheaper than in any brick-and-mortar operation. And the global outreach to millions of potential customers in other countries alone is worth the effort. More

ECommerce Web Design – How to Design a Successful Business Website.

Every inch of space on a business website is crucial to its success. This includes empty spaces too. As a business website designer, you must make every inch sell. These are the steps to design a successful business website. More

Top Pay Per Click Guides – Two Must-Have Guides Reviewed

Pay Per Click Advertising is not getting any easier. If you don’t want your head to be handed to you by your competition you’re going to have to arm yourself with a certain understanding of PPC. The last thing you want to do is set up a Google AdWords account, plug in a pile of keywords and hope for the best.

Sadly this is what a lot of self-proclaimed PPC experts will teach you. Don’t fall into a trap of taking just any body’s advice – get it from the industry’s top pros. More

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